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Who is the Crafty Real Estate Agent?

Hello, my name is Katherine Davis! I'm a real estate agent in Maryville, TN. I've been doing crafty things for as long as I can remember, probably dating back to vacation bible school. Everyone loves those bible school crafts right? I have done my share of craft shows, nothing like the feel of wet grass at 7 a.m. wearing sandles. If you have done craft shows, you know what I'm talking about. Many of you have supported me in one way or another and I am forever grateful and appreciative. I wanted my first blog to be about how the crafty real estate agent came to be, so here it goes.

Picture it Sicily, 1920...I'm just kidding, who doesn't love a good Golden Girls story right? I completed my required completed hours and courses for real estate commission standards and I passed my license exam. I consider myself lucky that I passed on the first try. I had to find my real estate home/brokerage. Luckily I found where I was supposed to be pretty quickly. I knew as soon as I met Eleanor and Lainey that Great Life RE was the place for me. I made my decision and from there, the emails started to pour in like crazy. Have you ever heard that phrase "feel like you're drinking from a water hose"? Well, that was me. Among all the craziness of getting everything set up, I found myself struggling to figure out my niche and I knew if I wanted to stand out from the other 5000 agents in East Tennessee, then I better find some way to show all of you that I'm different. I am unique, and most of my friends and family know that but the general public does not. How was I going to show other people that I'm more than just some random name. I started to ask myself, why would people want to use me as their agent, and what are my strengths. What makes me different? One day, my mentor text me about something real estate related, and then she said "Ha! I just called you the crafty realtor". At that moment, I knew that was a strength that I had. Most people wouldn't think that being creative has anything to do with real estate but you need a creative real estate agent and here's why. There are many traits that a great real estate agent would need to possess. You are probably thinking honesty, dependability, great communication skills, patient, kind, great negotiator, smart, actually has the time for you, you get the point. You also need a creative mind to help you come up with the perfect, "creative" marketing strategy that works to sell your property. Thinking outside the box about how to get potential buyers is often overlooked and it's such an important part of selling your property. Additionally, it takes creativity to guide the seller through getting the home ready to sell. Sometimes just adding a new coat of paint or maybe moving some furniture around can make all the difference in the world. As a bonus, I have found that creative people in general happen to be great problem solvers. If you are a buyer, then a creative person can help you find the diamond in the rough, help you see potential in a property that you might not always pick right away. The bones of the home are the most important. If you don't believe me, watch some shows on HGTV. Creativity alone won't close your deal, but it's a great tool to have in the toolbox. As your real estate agent, I will listen to you and ask questions to find out about what you want, what you need. I will always do what is right for you.

I hope that my fun, informal blog inspires you to try something new and have some fun!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

I don't know about you, but I have ALOT of Pinterest fails, look for my upcoming hack vs. fail series. At the end of the day, you only have one life to live, you might as well enjoy it! and when you want to buy or sell some property, I would be honored to serve you and I'm hoping you remember The Crafty Real Estate Agent.

10 Random Facts About Me Just for Fun!

  1. I love pizza, tacos, and DIY TV shows ( I pretty much watch the HGTV show all the time)

  2. I don’t give up, I keep trying until I figure it out. I love a good challenge

  3. I don’t care what others think. If I want to wear something and it’s not in style - I don’t care

  4. I was in a clogging group with my two sisters when I was little, The Green Mountain Cloggers

  5. I love to read when I can, and I love a great organized space - makes me smile :)

  6. I currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats, I love animals! In the past, I've had a bird and a guinea pig.

  7. My family has a 1930 Ford Model A, it’s beautiful and looks like a hot wheel.

  8. My first job was at Pizza Hut as a server

  9. I am thankful for every day, I have experienced many losses therefore I am extremely grateful for every day.

  10. I’m not a good cook; and don’t enjoy it at all. Just being honest...

My Family :)

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