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Signs - How to get a farmhouse feel with a Reverse Canvas

Do you have a blank canvas laying around? Why not make it into a cute farmhouse style sign?


  • Blank Canvas, whatever size that you want

  • Wood stain

  • knife or pliers to remove the canvas from the wooden frame

  • heat transfer vinyl/digital cutter/design

  • Iron/heat press

  • staple gun

First thing first, remove the canvas from the frame.

Second, stain the frame using wood stain

Use your digital cutter and cut out your design using heat transfer vinyl

Iron the vinyl on the front of the canvas material, lining it up the way that you want it to be

After the wood frame is dry, lay it on top of the canvas with your design facing you.

Flip it over, pull the canvas tight and use a staple gun to secure the canvas back to the frame

Add picture hanging hardware if you want

All done!

Thinking of buying or selling? Give me a call :)

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