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Pinterest Hack or Fail - DIY Discount Store Glass Platter

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It's almost fall, and in the south - we decorate BIG for the fall. Take a peek at the adorable glass serving platter that is super easy to make. I seen a similar one on Pintrest,(link below) so I thought I would give it a try.

Did this Pinterest project work? Yes

The link to my inspiration on Pintrest:

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Large glass plate (got mine at the Dollar Tree)

  • 1 Small glass plate (Dollar Tree)

  • 1 glass candlestick (Dollar Tree)

  • E6000 Glue

  • Gloss Mod Podge, you could also use the Mod Podge that has glitter (Dollar Tree)

  • 1/2 yard fabric (this pumpkin fabric came from Wal-mart, and I had leftover so you could probably use a fat quarter)

Make sure the plates are clean and don't have any stickers on them

Lay down something to protect your surface since you will be using glue

Flip the plates over and cover the bottom in a generous coat of Mod Podge.

Lay the fabric facing down on top of the plate

Smooth out all the wrinkles and make sure it secure

I then took it to the cutting mat, and used a rotary cutter to cut a close, even cut all around the plate

I checked any edges for areas that might not be secured by the glue, and added Mod Podge to make sure it's all even and secure. I did this for both plates

Apply a generous coat of gloss Mod Podge over the fabric with the plates facing down

Allow to dry overnight

Use a pair of scissors that allow you to get a close trim around the plates. Trim to your preference.

Use the E6000 glue with a fine tip and glue the edges on the bottom of the glass candlestick.

Adhere to desired location in center of large plate ( I just used my best judgement but technically you could measure)

Add more glue around the top and place the smaller plate on top of the candlestick and glue.

Allow to dry

All done!

This is a super cute way to serve cookies, treats, or even just use it as decor. This orange fabric happens to be close to Tennessee orange, so you could use it at a football party as well.

Go Vols!

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