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How to create a trendy wooden door sign to welcome your guests.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Have you seen those really cute hanging wooden door signs? There are so many possibilities to make yours unique and they are pretty simple to make.


Wooden Circle (I got mine at Home Depot)

Wood Stain

Artificial Flowers (Dollar Tree, Walmart)

Hot Glue gun and glue

Bow (got this one at Michaels)

Adhesive Vinyl in your choice of color, digital cutter, transfer tape OR a welcome sign OR a stencil and paint so you can put "Welcome" or really whatever you want to put on it.

Stain the wood, front and back

Allow to dry

I went back over mine with a dark walnut because I wasn't crazy about the color of the cedar.

Take your bunch of artificial flowers and separate them by cutting them all apart and at different lengths

Divide the flowers out into 2 parts and start hot gluing them to the board, leaving room for your bow to go in the center

Add flowers until you get most of them placed where you want them by securing with hot glue

Hot glue the bow in the center

Add in any additional pieces to fill any gaps in coverage until you have it just like you want it.

Add the welcome sign either by using a digital cutter and adhesive vinyl OR a Stencil/paint OR maybe a welcome sign you purchased from a retail store.

If you door is prone to the weather, you could add a clear finish after the stain is dry and BEFORE you add flowers and decor.

Happy Crafting!


If you are buying or selling property in East Tennessee, please visit

Please use all safety gear when using chemicals.

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