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How ANYONE can become an "artist" in 3 easy steps

I have been searching for some decor to put on my screened porch and I haven't found anything that I loved so I went to Pinterest for some ideas. I stumbled across a new trend where you use painters tape and craft paint to make your own art. You do not have to be "artistic" to do this really. The great news is there is no wrong way, every piece of art is unique just like how we were made.

Before you begin, it's important to remember a quote from one of the legends...

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”

Bob Ross


  • Canvas ( I used (4) 12x12 because i needed to fill a large area and I thought the 4 squares would be cute)

  • Craft Acrylic Paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Painters tape

Tape the canvas up using the painters' tape to your preference, there is a ton of ideas on the web. Make sure you get the tape to stick as best as possible so the paint won't get under the tape, but if it does - you can always touch it up after it's dry. I had to do this on a couple of the white parts.

Paint as desired

Let Dry and remove tape

WooLah! you are an artist, it's that easy! I would love to see your artwork if you complete this project.

Happy Crafting! and if you are interested in buying or selling in the East Tennessee area, please reach out to me!


Please use proper safety equipment while painting. I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned in this blog post.

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