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Door Mat

In the south, it's about the porch/front porch decor right? I am a fan of simplicity, so my project today is simple but cute!

let's make a trendy door mat.


Door Mat Blank - I bought this one at Wal-Mart

Garbage Bag

Painters Tape

Flex-Seal Rubber Spray

Vinyl cutout or Stencil

  1. Cut out your vinyl stencil or purchase one to use. If cutting out on a digital cutter, you could use adhesive vinyl. I have seen some people use freezer paper on TikTok but I have not tried that. I personally think it needs to be something that is pretty sticky.

  2. Place the stencil on your desired location and use painter's tape to secure it, or you could use an iron if you are trying to use something that adheres with heat. I did not in this case, just used something that is sticky.

  1. Wrap the mat in a large garbage bag to protect it from getting spray on it. You will need to cut around the stencil and use the tape to secure it. Make sure that the only part of the mat that is exposed is the part that you want to be painted.

  2. Go outdoors and away from objects just in case there is any overspray that gets in the air. My husband spray painted something one day, and I have little white specs all over my vehicle (he probably doesn't like me telling this story because he knew better but had a lapse in judgment lol)

3. Spray the exposed area and let dry

4. Remove the garbage bag and all the tape and stencil

5. Ta-da! all done and ready to make your decor look fabulous.

What is your favorite saying that you have seen on a doormat? I have seen some really funny ones. One of my favorites is, please hide packages from husband.

Interested in buying or selling, give me a call!

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