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Do you like Candy Corn?

Whether you are a fan or not of the candy corn treats, I think we all can agree that they look pretty and who doesn't love the beautiful orange, yellow, and white. It screams fall to me and brings back great memories of my childhood.

In my household, we end up with a lot of pickle jars. My husband LOVES pickles. Every trip to the store results in some sort of pickle purchase. I thought he would get over it after a while....but he hasn't. These glass jars have been handy. We have some we use as cups, have some out in the garage and he has nails, screws, misc things stored in there. I've used them a lot in my craft room, from storing buttons to paintbrushes. You name it - it's probably in a former pickle jar. He is a bit of a pickle brand hopper, he doesn't like just one brand so I have bought every brand under the sun I believe. Oh yeah, just as a PSA - if you buy those pickles that are refrigerated near the hot dogs and sandwich meat, those labels come off beautifully in the dishwasher and does not leave a residue. However, if you are a fan of the other brands - be prepared for a bit more work. Usually, the dishwasher helps but you still have some of the labels to peel off, and if it comes off - still left with a sticky residue where the sticker was. Obviously, it's not something that won't come off, but it takes a lot more effort than the refrigerated brand.

Today we are going to spray paint some pickle jars, and 1 regular mason jar. I have no idea where I got the tall one.


  1. Glass Jars of some sort

  2. Spray Paint, I got white, orange, and yellow of course

  3. painters tape

  4. I used some press and seal to speed the process up a bit and it helped from the tape peeling off the paint that I had just painted.

I'm not going to lie, this was a bit trickier than I expected. I though a few hours, and this baby would be ready to blog about. didn't quite go like that. First I used masking tape and taped up everything that I didn't want to spray paint. I spray painted and allowed to dry - so far so good. I then taped up what I had just painted, and the top of the jar to leave the middle section exposed for spray paint. I spray painted and allowed to dry. I peeled off the paint on the bottom, ya know where I just painted....and the tape lifted a lot of the paint with it leaving just bare glass...Sigh...I decided to go ahead and try it again. Same I tried a Kroger bag and just taped up the edging. that was super messy and not the easiest. I decided to try press and seal. I put it all around the area I wanted to cover and just used some masking tape around the edge where I wanted that crisp line of where the colors separated. This worked much better, and the press and seal didn't pull off the paint. this crazy project took me about a week, to be fair - a lot of that was spent on allowing one color to dry before we could go to the next and then they ended up needing an additional coat of paint to look right. All and all, it's done - thank goodness. Now I just need to decide how I want to incorporate these into my fall decor.

I think these could be worked into entertaining guests, living room, kitchen, dining room, or even bathroom decor. How would you use these?

Let me know if you make them or any of my projects. Feel free to tag #CraftyRealEstateAgent on social media.

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