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Do it yourself Wood Shutters (1 pair)

After Pic:

Before Pic:


  • (10) 1x4x8 pressure treated wood

  • Brad Nailer

  • 1 ⅝ brad nails

  • Miter saw

  • Cedar Stain

  • Dark walnut stain

  • Paint brush

  • 2 sawhorses

  • Pencil

  • Square

  • Measuring Tape

Please note: Use all safety PPE while building shutters

Gather all supplies

Lay aside (5) 8 ft pieces of wood for each shutter

Measure and cut the following using the Miter saw:

  • (8) 74.5 inches

  • With the leftover pieces, cut (4) pieces at 14.5 inches approximately or to the size of what the 4 boards are across.

Place them together (you could probably use wood glue, I did not for this project)

Measure down approx 4 inches or to your preference on where to put your cross boards across the 4 boards.

Use the Brad Nailer to secure the cross board across the 4 boards. (you could also use clamps here to hold the 4 boards together, we did not)

Do this for the top and bottom of each shutter.

To make the Z pattern as we did, lay a full piece of wood across the shutter in the correct direction for left and right shutters. Our left shutter looks like a Z, and our right shutter looks like a backwards Z (please see picture)

Measure your angles for the Z board and cut to your preference and measurements of where you put your cross boards. Ours measured approximately 5 ft at an angle to fit crossboards.

Once Z boards are cut, fasten to shutters with brad nailer.

Stain shutters to your preference of color (we used cedar, then glazed a dark walnut to give it an aged look)

Follow staining and drying instructions on your stain/paint preference.

Once dry, install shutters, Ta Da :)

Please share your pics with me, I would love to see them!

Results may vary, I have no interest in any products listed on this project and no specific pattern was used.

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