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8 Kitchen Updates Without Doing An Entire Remodel

  1. Repaint the Walls - Quick and easy way to change the entire look of the kitchen, and can be done usually around $200.

  2. Change up the backsplash - Dated tile can make or break a kitchen space. It's usually a small space so your average cost of the project should be around $1000.

  3. Replace the Hardware - Kitchen hardware can look dirty and dated, you can expect to spend between $5 and $12 a piece.

  4. Change the Light Fixtures - Older kitchens tend to have insufficient lighting. You can replace fixtures for about $100 to $300.

  5. Add a Rug - Use a rug as an opportunity to add something to make your kitchen pop with color. You can find rugs around $30 to $200 depending on your style and size.

  6. Replace your Faucet - Changing out your faucet to a newer style can bring modern elements to your sink without changing the entire sink out. You can find new faucets at any home improvement stores for around $50 to $200.

  7. Add Under-Cabinet Lighting - Add festive glow to your cabinets and give your kitchen the appearance of feeling light and airy by adding some light. LED strips can be purchased for as little as $25.

  8. Add some New Decor - Plants, Tier Trays, artwork, accessesories are all great ways to add accent to your kitchen and make the space appear new but functional. Pricing can vary but add tremendous value.

Kitchen remodels don't have to be a complete gut. Sometimes, they just need a face lift.

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Katherine Davis, Realtor®

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