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Katherine Davis, Realtor

223 West Broadway Ave

Maryville, TN 37801

888-519-5113 ext 909
Cell: 865-256-3190

About Katherine

Katherine Davis is a real estate agent in east Tennessee.  Katherine has always been passionate about serving others and is excited to be able to combine her gift of creativity with her professional career in real estate.  With over 8 years of leadership experience, and over 19 in customer service,  Katherine will listen to you and work diligently to accomplish your goals.  During her free time, you will find Katherine spending time with her family and probably doing something crafty or maybe at a car show with her family.  Katherine enjoys hobbies that allow her to express her creativity, such as quilting, digital cutting, and generalized crafting. Katherine’s warm heart for others, her passion for real estate, and her diverse background in sales and leadership make her your perfect real estate agent.   

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Mission Statement

Crafty Real Estate Agent’s mission is to create and inspire a positive, lasting impact. Putting my client’s interests above my own, by exceeding the highest level of honesty and expertise. To spread the passion of creativity through crafts, hometowns, and homes. But most importantly, to provide excellent service to client’s, and show the vision for future memories to be created as they enter new milestones in their lives.